Part IA Flood Monitoring and Warning SystemΒΆ

Lent Term 2023, Department of Engineering, University of Cambridge

Your team has been tasked with building the computational backend (library) to a new real-time flood warning system for England. The library should:

  1. Fetch real-time river level data over the Internet from the Department for Environment Food and Rural Affairs data service.
  2. Support specified data query types on river level monitoring stations.
  3. Analyse monitoring station data in order to assess flood risks, and issue flood warnings for areas of the country.

The mandated development practices are listed in the Requirements section. The library is required to support specific query interfaces (API), as outlined in the Deliverables section, which form the public interface of the library. Another company has been contracted to build a user interface using the prescribed public interfaces to the library, hence they cannot be changed.

Development team

Your development team is your laboratory group.

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